Bat Snapshots 17: A Stolen Kiss (Kon and Tim)

Looking at them crowd around the newest addition to the team, Kon tried to figure out why this one was so special. He didn’t look intimidating, leaner than Nightwing had been at that age, but everyone crowded around him excited that he was here. Dick stood behind him as if it was necessary to remind everyone that Tim was his responsibility and anything that happened to his little brother would get back to him. The point was clear, don’t mess with Robin.

When the new Robin noticed that Kon was standing to the side alone, he gave him a small wave and smile. Caught off guard, Kon gave him what he thought was a smile before turning back to his own room to listen in from there.

Seeing Kon walk away from the rest of the crowd, Tim turned to Dick confused. Dick had seen Kon’s attempt for a smile and knew it was only a matter of time before he felt comfortable around Tim. He assured his little brother, “He’ll warm up to you at some point, Babybird, just give him some time.”

Their first official meeting was the next morning at breakfast. Kon had assumed that Tim was only at Mount Justice for the evening and had spent the night either with his brother in Bludhaven or back at Gotham so it caught him off guard when he stumbled down to the kitchen. He gave the team a tired welcome before taking an empty sleep. Dick made some joke about how his brother wasn’t a morning person and Tim pretended to be upset but he stopped caring as soon he had some food in front of him. Kon was much closer to Tim than he had been last night and he needed to stop reminding himself of that, but it gave him another opportunity to try and figure out why Tim felt different than everyone else. He must have been staring because he caught Dick’s eye and when Tim looked over to figure out what his brother was smiling at he saw Kon trying to pretend he hadn’t been looking at him. Once again, Kon excused himself and ignored the snickering from around the table to distract himself with some static on the tv in his room. Unsure of why everyone was snickering, Tim looked around for some answers but the only thing he got was something from Dick about understanding more when he’s older.

For their first mission together, Kon had recon duty unless something came up needing his attention. Dick seemed to think that it would be better if some of the newer members got some independent experience before they were called into something more deadly so most of the veteran members were watching to make sure that they were all fully adept. The actual mission wasn’t that dangerous and against his better judgement Kon paid closer attention to what Tim was doing. Even though he was the same age as Dick had been when he joined the team, Tim seemed more mature and less inclined to act irrationally in the field. He was a good fighter, Kon could definitely see where he was more like Nightwing and where he was more like Batman, but he played it cleaner than most of the people they were fighting against. There was a moment dirty attack from one of Luthor’s goons came too close for comfort and Kon had just enough respect for Tim’s privacy to not use his x-ray vision to examine the wound. Kon felt Nighting flinch from his position on one of the rafters and knew that Robin would be getting a lecture later. Nonetheless, Kon made sure to pay extra close attention to Tim’s left foot, but to his surprise there was no decrease in his performance. The only change he could see was that Robin shifted most of his weight on his other foot and adjusted his techniques accordingly.

When they were finally back in the mountain and Dick was off somewhere briefing Batman, Kon decided to check in on Tim. Kon hadn’t seen him tell anyone about his injury and if Tim questioned him about it he could just say he wanted to fully introduce himself to the newest member of their team.

He stared at his door for a few minutes as he tried to work over the most polite way to ask Tim how he was feeling before knocking. There was some ruffling around before the door finally opened and he saw Tim in his civvies and sunglasses. Even though he knew he wasn’t supposed to, Kon peak through the glasses and saw the same blue eyes Dick had staring back at him.

When Kon didn’t say anything, Tim smiled and turned to the side and gave him room to walk in. He threw a sharp glare at Dick from where he was probably watching in on them from a camera before closing the door behind him and giving Kon his full attention.

Kon sat down on his office chair and noticed the bandages on the ground. Of course, Tim had been more than capable of fixing himself up without Kon’s help and Kon was only making a fool of himself by intruding.

Tim didn’t seem to feel the same as he sat down on his bed and smiled. Maybe a little too politely, he asked, “Can I help you with something?”

He quickly sputtered out, “I saw that you got hurt during the mission and didn’t tell anyone about it.”

A soft blush rose to Tim’s cheeks as he laughed and assured him, “It’s not that big of a deal, not even a flesh wound.”

Kon believed him, but still noted, “You didn’t tell anyone about it.”

“I know, I just didn’t want anyone to over react. They have a tendency to make a big deal about the smallest things, especially my brother.”

Feeling stupid for bothering him, Kon sunk back in the chair and muttered, “Oh. Okay. That’s good.” Not seeing anything else he could do, Kon quickly got up to his feet and got ready to go out and kill himself with his pillow.

Tim couldn’t help but think Kon look cute when he was flustered and put himself between Kon and the door to ask, “Is that why to came by? To check up on me?”

Kon didn’t dare think what color his face must have been as he moved Tim and opened the door, but Tim’s hand on his arm stopped him before he could get too far.

Before he could think too much about what he was doing, Tim stood on his toes, laid a kiss on his cheek, and muttered a soft, “Thanks for caring so much.”

The door closed between the two of them and both fell on their respective beds thinking over what had happened. Tim debated if it was possible to die from embarrassment, but he assured himself that Dick would have died multiple times over if it was true. Kon could still feel where Tim’s lips had rushed up beside his cheek and he wondered if it was possible for skin to feel as hot as it did when he imagined it happening again.


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