Bat Snapshots 19: One in the Morning (Tim and Kon)

Nights in Smallville were always quiet. There was the occasional party were half the town’s population of young adults congregated in an empty farm lot, but this was not one of those nights.

Tonight was Clark’s birthday and he had been kind enough to invite Kon as well as Ma and Pa Kent to spend the weekend in Metropolis, but Kon knew how to read between the lines. Tim had been teaching him how to read the small hints that gave away what a person was thinking, and they were most useful around Clark. He didn’t expect Kon to be reading into him and that made it easier for the teenager to decipher what the Kryptonian actually wanted. In that spirit, Kon lied about having work to do and pretended not to notice how relieved Clark sounded when Ma called him to give the ‘bad news’.

The couple had left earlier that morning, reminding Kon to call them if he needed them but they all knew he was never going to do that. It was a mixture of pride and not wanting his grandparents to think less of him that had him waving them goodbye as they drove off to the airport.

When he finished all of his chores for the weekend and had nothing else to occupy his time, Kon laid on the roof of the barn and stared up at the sky. He compared the sight to the dark sky he had seen in the few times Tim was able to sneak him into Gotham. Although it wasn’t the most impressive sight, it was leagues ahead of the emptiness in the Gotham night. If he thought about it hard enough, he assumed the city made up for it.

Kon was entertained by the stars for the entirety of two minutes before he got bored and pulled out his phone. He had been following some of the team’s advice of watching movies to catch up on social cues more often and had seen multiple actors contemplate their lives as they looked up at the sky, but it wasn’t for him. He wanted someone to talk to.

Looking through his contacts, he ruled out anyone he knew would be sleeping and he always came back to the same person he always went to when he was in trouble. There had been little question that he would turn to Tim, but he still didn’t want to rule out someone who would actually be free this late in the night. Kon debated whether or not to go through with the idea for a few more minutes, but he imagined that Tim would be more upset if he didn’t go to him when he needed the help.

Rushing back into his room, Kon cleaned himself up from the dirty roof and packed a night bag. If luck went his way, Tim would let him spend the remaining part of the weekend in Gotham and he would be able to rush back to Smallville before any of the others noticed that he had been gone. If he wasn’t able to come back in time, Kon knew he could say that he had to get Batman’s help with something to do with the team and that he had only been gone for a few hours. With one final check around the house and farm, Kon made sure everything was in place so that it would only take him a few seconds to fly back into the farm when he needed to feed the animals tomorrow.

When Kon did finally take off, he went far slower than he was capable of to make sure no one heard him go into superspeed. He stopped over Michigan to debate going one last time, but reaffirmed his decision soon enough to get into Gotham when he knew Tim’s patrol would be over. It took him over twice as long to finally reach Gotham and remember where Wayne Manor was, but it was easy enough to track down Tim’s heartbeat and he soon found himself walking around Bristol.

Kon remembered most of the security around the Manor, Batman had showed it to him to scare him away from thinking he could in and out as he pleased, but he knew that Batman was out with Nightwing right now and that Alfred would probably be in the cave. He used his knowledge of the security to make it to the front door of the Manor and stopped over the welcoming mat. He didn’t want to intrude in case something important was happening and instead he rang the doorbell and waited for an answer.

Even though he knew better, Kon found himself looking through the walls of the Manor and saw Alfred making his way to the door. He tried to make himself look more presentable, he always thought the butler as judging him everytime he came over, and stood straight as the door opened before him.

“Master Conner, may I help you?” Even if he was surprised, Alfred didn’t let it show. Kon reminded himself that there must be cameras pointed to this very position on the porch and the butler had had enough time to consider what he would do.

“I was wondering if Tim was awake. I need to talk to him.”

Alfred also knew Tim would be the reason for the trip and he had already decided to let the teenager see his grandson. While Bruce might have rules about metas in Gotham, he broke them enough for Superman and there was no reason for Alfred to treat Superman’s son any different.

“Would you like me to show you the way to Master Timothy’s room?”

Kon shook his head. “I know how to get there.”

Alfred excused himself for the remainder of the night and made his way back to where Kon imagined Bruce and Dick were waiting for him.

This was the first time Kon was in the Manor alone and he suddenly felt the need to find Tim as soon as he could. He wasn’t afraid per say, but he didn’t want to be without company any longer than he absolutely needed to. The halls just seemed too empty for it to be real and it felt like the painting were glaring at him as he walked past. He could see why Tim used to think the mansion was haunted when he was a kid.

When he was finally at Tim’s door, the insecurities about what he was doing rushed back into him and he forced himself to remember that Tim wouldn’t think any less of him for needing his help. Tim had turned to him for advice often enough.

Finally mustering up the courage to knock, Kon flinched back as the sound seemed amplified by the silence of the hall and forced himself to respect Tim’s privacy by not looking in.

On the other side of the wall, Tim shot up in his bed as soon as he heard the wooden floor creak outside his room. His first considered that this was emergency and they needed his help, but he knew neither Dick and Bruce had the tack to knock so this had to be someone else. Checking his phone, he could see that it was only one in the morning and that the others would be coming back from patrol soon. He groaned as he remembered that it was only at midnight when he had got back from patrol and he had to get up for school in a few hours.

He hoped this was worth it.

Turning his attention back to the door as the knocking continued, Tim threw his legs over the side of the bed and stood up. He dug under his pillow for a batarang he kept around for safety and held it behind his back before making his way to the door and preparing himself to attack if needed. If by some stroke of luck Bruce and Dick came back early, he could hold out against an enemy if this did end up being an attack. He cautiously opened the door ready for anything.

As soon as Tim saw Kon, the anxiety washed away and was replaced with curiosity. The clone was one of the last people he expected to be knocking at his door this early. When he had a moment of clarity, Tim pulled Kon into his room before his family could drop by and ask questions.

Increasingly nervous about his decision to come to Batman’s city, Kon sat down on the bed and waited for Tim to start asking his normal questions. If things went sour he could just tell Tim this was a dream and fly back to Smallville as if nothing had happened.

Usually Kon was animated and excited so his tension and nervousness through Tim off. Concerned that his boyfriend was in trouble, Tim sat beside him and asked, “Is everything alright? I didn’t have any message on my phone so-”

“No. I didn’t text you about coming here, although, thinking about it now it would be a good idea.” He hadn’t wanted to bother Tim while he was sleeping, he also thought he might have changed his mind, but now he felt like Tim might have wanted the advanced notice.

Even more concerned by the rushed explanation, Tim asked, “What is it?”

Ashamed that he was in this position, Kon refused to look at Tim as he answered, “It’s just that…I was lonely.”

Hoping to ease of the tension, Tim chuckled and asked, “You knocked on my door at 1 in the morning, to cuddle?” When Kon only gave him a fake smile, Tim decided to ask something more pertinent. “What happened with Clark’s birthday? That was this weekend.”

The last time they had talked about it, Conner seemed a little excited with having an opportunity to bond with his father, but something must have happened after their last conversation to keep Kon away from Metropolis.

“He was just being nice, he didn’t really want me there. It’s his birthday so I decided just to stay out of it.”

Not wanting to question the obviously upset clone’s decision, Tim decide to pivot to something lighter. Turning his attention to the backpack, Tim asked, “Do you want to stay for the whole weekend?”

“If that’s okay with you. I know Bruce won’t be happy about this.” Kon had been trying to avoid thinking about Batman, but there was no way he would be able to avoid him when breakfast came around.

Uninterested in what his father would think and ready to head back to sleep, Tim offered, “You can sleep with me tonight and I’ll deal with him in the morning.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah.” Lying back on the bed making sure to leave enough room for Kon, Tim added, “If you need to borrow some pjs you know where they are.”

Kon grabbed some of his own from his bag; sometimes Tim was blissfully unaware of just how small he was compared to the others, especially a clone of Superman. He got ready for bed in Tim’s bathroom to change and although it didn’t take him long, Tim was already asleep when he went back into his room.

Slowly lowering himself into the empty spot Tim had designated for him, Kon immediately stopped caring about anything other than getting some rest and enjoying Tim’s warmth beside him.

They settled into the now familiar position and dozed off quick enough to miss the sound of Bruce and Dick returning to their rooms an hour later.

As he always did when he got back from a patrol, Bruce looked into Tim’s room to make sure the teenager was sleeping. Being the youngest and the only one who had school, Tim had the most time off of patrol that he liked to spend working on cases from his room. Right now, Bruce would have prefered to see Tim working if it meant he wouldn’t’ be sleeping curled into Kon’s chest.

Dick found him standing in the doorway staring at the sight and chuckled as he imagined what was going through his father’s mind. Slowly leading Bruce back into his room and closing the door to Tim’s, Dick tried to calm him down in his own special way. “Look on the bright side; we could have walked in on something even more intimate.”

It didn’t seem to have the intended effect because now Bruce was shooting a glare in the direction of Tim’s room hoping the clone would be able to feel it and get the message and run off back to Smallville. Under his breath he muttered, “Tim’s not allowed to have people over this late. They knew they were doing something wrong and that’s why they waited until we were out on patrol.”

“Yeah, but they still had to get through Alfred and he didn’t have a problem with it or he would have told Conner to go home.”

Bruce scoffed, “He’s always been a romantic.”

“And you know what this weekend is. You know something must have happened and Conner came here looking for Tim to comfort him. That’s why he brought an overnight bag. If he was planning on sneaking in and out under our noses he would have either left already or plan on doing so in the morning.”

They both knew the truth, Bruce had seen all of that and still wasn’t happy with the surprise. If the clone was anything like the person he was modeled after he would be a good partner for Tim and there would be little for them to complain about, but they would still find something.

Tired of thinking about it, Bruce told Dick, “You should go to your room and get some sleep. You have an early shift at the station.”

“No, there are some things we need to go over.”

Wanting to get what little sleep he could, especially with the idea Dick and implanted in him, Bruce groaned, “The only open cases we have right now can wait until after breakfast.”

Dick gave him the same disarming grin he gave criminals when he tricked them into thinking they could go easy on him. “No, you need to practice what you’re going to say in the morning when Tim and Kon come down for breakfast.” Not stopping at the glare Bruce gave him, Dick added, “Repeat after me. ‘Conner, what a nice surprise. I wasn’t expecting you over, but I am happy you will be joining us for the rest of the weekend.'”


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