Bat Snapshots 5: Christmas Miracle

Tim laid in bed tired from the night before. It was very uncommon for him to feel tired when he woke up, he was usually well rested and ready to go about his daily activities, but now he didn’t have any energy to roll out of bed. Not feeling up to it and knowing that the few days after Christmas were a free period before he had to be good boy after New Years, he curled up and thought about the previous day. Christmas was always a great day in the Manor, a lot of presents, Alfred’s great cooking, and Bruce’s friends coming by for a few hours before spending time with their own family. Uncle Hal and Barry always seemed to come by right after Christmas dinner was over, probably so they could take home the leftovers, but Uncle Clark and Aunt Diana came right before and dropped off some food. It would never be Christmas without Grandma Kent’s apple pie or Aunt Diana’s greek food, although he sometimes wasn’t sure what he was eating.

Once he really felt like he was strong enough, and had the encouragement of Ace’s footsteps outside of his door waiting for him to come downstairs, he jumped out and slowly got through his daily routine. Not wanting to come back upstairs to change out of his pj’s, Timmy decided he could change his pants and no one would care about his shirt.

As soon as he dropped his pants, he noticed something looked different in his reflection. Turning and lifting up his shirt, he immediately recognized the problem. His stomach was a lot larger than it had been the last time he changed. Tim experimented for a moment, poking it a few times to see how it felt and pulled down his shirt when he used a little too much force and hurt himself.

Changing quickly and making his way downstairs, Tim tried to imagine what he had done. At the foot of the stairs he had to stop when he remembered a conversation he had overheard between Daddy and Dick before Alfred ushered him out of the room because he was too young.

He didn’t remember much, it had been pretty boring and about something to do with biology, but he did remember something about babies. Daddy had said something about Dick being in a lot of trouble if he had a baby when he was too young, he’d said ‘Dick, if you have a kid before you’re old enough I might have to kill you,’ and because Tim was younger than Dick had been when he had the conversation there was no way he wasn’t in trouble. Every time Tim had seen someone who was pregnant, two tops, the women had very big stomachs but they were much larger than his now. Maybe it was because he was so small and when he got bigger his stomach would get even bigger.

Taking slow steps into his regular seat, Tim realized he had absolutely no idea what to do with babies. He was the youngest person he knew so he would need to find someone else to give him advice. Daddy would get angry, he wasn’t supposed to be pregnant at 5. Dick wouldn’t be very happy either, Tim might even get so big he’d be bigger than Dick and then there would be no one to carry him around. Alfred might be happy, he always said he was happy that Dick and Tim were here because he had been afraid Bruce would never have kids and another one would be even better. He might even be able to give the baby to Alfred for his birthday. He might call Aunt Diana, but he didn’t have her number. Tim did have Kon’s number and that meant he might be able to ask Uncle Clark for some advice. Waiting for his breakfast, Tim tried to plan through everything he was going to say to Uncle Clark so he wouldn’t be mad at him. That was very important, his Uncle Clark knew Superman and if Superman was upset with him he might be the worst person in the world.

Looking up to see his little brother uncharacteristically quiet, Dick looked over to Bruce to see if knew what was wrong. Quietly, he nudged Bruce’s arm and signaled him to lower his head to his level. “Dad, why’s Tim so quiet?”

Taking a quick glance and seeing that the boy looked utterly uninterested in anything around him, Bruce asked, “Do you think he might be tired from the night before? He was up late.”

Thinking about what he had said, Dick nodded and found the suggestion possible.

On the other side, Tim saw his dad and older brother whispering to each other, probably about him if Bruce’s glance over meant anything, and realized they probably already knew. Of course they would know, his dad was the smartest person in the world, after Alfred, and Dick was probably in the top 10.

Trying to pull his shirt so the curve of his tummy would be a little harder to see, Tim tried to blend into his chair and only confused the two more. When Alfred laid down his breakfast before him, Tim dug in almost immediately. He was growing a person inside of him so it would only make sense he would need to eat for the both of them.

As soon as he was finished eating, Tim turned to Bruce and asked, “Daddy, I need to borrow your phone.”

Not at all surprised, Bruce dug into his pocket and handed it to him before reminding him, “Don’t download anything without asking me.”

Tim only gave him an, “Okay,” before he walked up to his room.

He brought in Ace with him for moral support and locked the door behind them so no one would interrupt and ruin everything.

He pulled off a few pillows off his bed so he and Ace could lay down on his floor and begin making his calls. Unlocking the phone wasn’t difficult, the passcode was his and Dick’s birth months, and he immediately found Clark’s number.

Before he pressed the outline of the phone, he reminded Ace, “You can’t tell anyone about this Ace. I could get into a lot of trouble. If you don’t do anything, I’ll let you play with my baby.”

Uninterested in whatever he was saying, Ace laid his head on Tim’s lap and rested while his smallest owner got onto whatever he was supposed to be doing.

Thinking this meant he agrees, Tim pressed the button on his phone and waiting until someone picked it up.

Clark’s voice broke the dial-tone with, “Hey, Bruce, what’s up?” His voice was a little groggy, Metropolis was an hour behind Gotham time and he had a break from work that meant he could sleep in.

“Uncle Clark?”

“Timmy is that you?” He was a little more confused to hear his surrogate nephew on the phone, but imparto calls weren’t unheard of when it came to their family.

“Yeah. Uncle Clark, I need to talk to Connor.” Tim was ready to get to the point, he had no way of knowing how much time he had left.

Clark tried to question, “Is that why you called?” while he went into his son’s room to find him on the floor playing with his new toys. Connor didn’t look like he was expecting anyone on the phone so it couldn’t have been one of their little play dates.

“Yup. I need to talk to Connor and then I need to talk to you.”

“Is everything okay, Tim.”

“Yeah, but I need to talk to Connor,” Tim insisted. Usually this uncle was the smart one.

“Okay, wait one second.” Clark gave the phone to Connor, but didn’t leave the room incase it was something important. Of course he could’ve heard their conversation across the apartment, but he was learning to be more fatherly and that meant having very loose rules when it came to privacy. At the very least that’s what he’d learned from Bruce.

In his room, Tim leaned down and lifted one of Ace’s ears to whisper in, “Remember Ace, don’t tell anyone. This has to be between us.”

Connor’s excited voice rang through the phone with, “Hey, Tim, what’s up?”

Getting right to the point, Tim explained, “Connor, this is very important. I’m going to be in a lot of trouble soon, I might even die, and if anything happens you can have all of my toys.”

Worried, Connor dropped the toys he had been playing with and asked, “Timmy, what’s going on?”

Tim insisted, “I can’t say because I might get into trouble, but remember you can have everything. Now I need to talk to your dad.”

Clark got on the phone confused and worried. He hadn’t been above listening in on the conversation the two had just had and didn’t miss the mention of Tim’s fate.

As soon as his mouth was on the speaker, he asked, “Tim, are you alright?”

Before he could explain anything to him, Tim had to make clear, “Uncle Clark, if I tell you this you have to promise not to tell Superman.”

Not wanting to promise something like that incase Superman was needed, he asked, “Why can’t I tell him, Tim? If you’re in trouble he could help.”

Trying to distract himself with Ace’s ears, Tim choked out against his tears, “It’s just…I don’t want him to be upset with me because if Superman doesn’t like you you’re a bad person.”

Clark wasn’t able to imagine anything that the small boy could ever do to warrant his alter ego’s angry. “Tim, I’m not sure you could do anything to make Superman upset, but if it makes you feel better I won’t tell him anything.”

Through a little whimper, Tim said, “Thank you.”

“Now what’s the problem, Tim?”

Tim calmed himself down with a deep breath and said, “I need your advice because I think Daddy is going to kill me.”

“What! What happened, Tim?” Clark’s voice rang through with a bit of shock, confusion, and worry all wrapped up in one.

Tim continued to distract himself by playing with Ace’s pays while he said, “A long long time ago I remember being in a room with Dick and Daddy and Daddy was telling him where babies come from. Alfred made me go with him to make breakfast because I was too little to hear what they were talking about, it wasn’t that bad because it was a little boring, but I remember Daddy said that he would have to kill Dick if he had a baby when he was little.”

“Tim, I’m sorry I don’t understand.”

“I’m having a baby, Uncle Clark.”

“One more time, Tim. What?” Really, this was supposed to be his smart uncle.

Tim began again and explained, “I woke up this morning and my belly was very big and when you have a big belly it means that you’re having a baby so now I’m having a baby because my tummy is getting bigger and Daddy is going to be mad at me and he might have to kill me. I don’t know what to do, Uncle Clark!”

Clark hid the laugh in his voice while he tried to advice Tim, “The best thing to do would be to get your family in a room and explain the situation to them. I sure that when you explain everything, your dad will understand.”

“Are you sure?”

“Absolutely. And Tim, if you make a mistake, Superman isn’t going to be mad at you.”

That didn’t matter and Tim still had to stress, “You still can’t tell him anything, Uncle Clark, you promised!”

“I know. I won’t say anything to him, but you remember what you’re supposed to do when you’re in trouble, right?”

Not liking that Uncle Clark was wasting his time when he didn’t know how much he had left, Tim said, “Yes I remember. If I shout ‘Superman’ very loudly then he’ll come and save me like he does Daddy.”

“And if you dad can go to Superman, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to.”

“Okay, thanks Uncle Clark.”

“No problem at all, Tim. I always love any chance I get to talk to you.”

Ending the call, Tim tried to think about what he should do. If Uncle Clark said it would be a good idea to confess everything to Bruce, it was probably a good idea. Superman wouldn’t be best friends with someone who would lie to him.

Going next door into his brother’s room, Tim barged in and declared, “Dick you need to come the library in five minutes.”

Turning to his little brother confused, Dick said, “Is everything alright, Babybird? You were acting a little weird this morning.”

Tim assured his older brother, “I’m alright, Dick. Just be in the library in five minutes, okay. I’ll explain everything there.”

Waving his little brother as he left the room, Dick couldn’t help but that his little brother was the weirdest person in the room. It’s a good thing he was so cute.

Tim repeated the process in the kitchen and Bruce’s office before running out in front of them to set up.

He moved three chairs out into a line, making sure not to leave any scratches on the floor like Alfred said, and set out another chair across from them for himself

As the minutes drew on, he felt more frightened and began to tear up at the idea that everyone was going to be so upset with him. He still didn’t know what he did wrong. Maybe he should have listened closely when Bruce was explaining everything to Dick, but Alfred never made any mistakes.

As the three tricked into the room, he lead them to their designated chairs and tried to avoid the worried look on their faces.

“Master Timothy, is everything alright?”

“No, Alfred, it’s not. I made a very big mistake.” Clearing up his throat and lifting his head so he could look everyone in the eye, Tim decided to blurt it all out and say, “I’m having a baby.”

At the blank looks on all their faces, Tim went into the same explanation he had given Clark. “You know how people with big bellies are pregnant, I woke up today and by tummy is a lot bigger than it used to be.” He lifted up his shirt for emphasis before going on to say, “After I realized I was pregnant, I remembered that Daddy said he would kill Dick if he had a baby when he was little so I was very scared and I called Connor to leave him all my toys and called Uncle Clark to see what I should do. Uncle Clark said he wouldn’t tell Superman and that if I told you Daddy wouldn’t kill me.”

Finishing up his explanation, Tim looked down at the floor embarrassed. It was by no means a stretch to say this was the hardest thing he had ever had to do and their reactions were only confusing him more.

Alfred got up from his seat to ruffle his hair and say, “Master Tim, I think Master Bruce has a lot to explain to you but you are by no means in trouble.”

He left the room with Dick to leave the two to their privacy and Bruce couldn’t hold in his smile anymore. He rose from his seat to go over to Tim and place him on his lap before asking, “Is this why you were so afraid? Because you thought I thought I would hurt you?”

Leaning into his chest, Tim couldn’t help but think that he was stupid if he thought his dad would really hurt him. His dad couldn’t hurt anyone. He tried to play down his worry when he said, “A little. I also don’t know what to do with a baby. Daddy, I’m supposed to be the smallest one and if I get big who’s going to pick me up? I was thinking about giving it to Alfred as a present.”

Bruce tried to hide his chuckle as he said, “As much as I think Alfred would appreciate it, you probably don’t have to worry. Tim, only girls can get pregnant-”

“I’m a girl now? Daddy, I want to be a boy, I don’t like long hair!”

“Tim, you are a boy so you can’t get pregnant. You belly is a little bit bigger right now because you ate a lot of food for Christmas, nothing else.”

“I’m not having a baby?”

“No, you are not having a baby.”

“What do I do with my belly now? I don’t want to be big, Daddy.”

“Don’t worry. If you eat like normal, it’ll probably go away by itself but if you want you can exercise with me for a few days.”

“Can I really?”

“Sure, I don’t see why not. It’s never too early to learn how to exercise.”

Leaping out of his chair with his newfound energy, Tim said, “I want to learn how to do the flip Dick does. The very fast one.”


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