YoI Snapshots 4: Impressions III

After days of having been locked up in his room, Yuri was reaching the limit of his patience. From everything the doctor had said in the infirmary and the many others had said in the hospital visits from then on, Yuri knew the injury wasn’t that serious. For the life of him he couldn’t see why he should have to stay in his room when he had already replaced the cast with a boot that moving around easy.

The only thing Yuri had to entertain himself was the internet and the laptop that his parents had given him as a reward for his patience, but by now he had already seen his favorite shows many times over and won every game that was interesting to him. That left him at the whim of his curiosity and soon he found himself typing his name into Google. He had been hiding from what everyone had been saying about his injury, but this seemed a good a time as any to find out.

To his surprise there were thousands of links that came up in the instant he finished the search and it only fed his curiosity more knowing he was this popular. The first couple of links were to news articles that gave a good summary about the events of the tournament, Yuri was great until he tried to surprise everyone with a move not in his program and he fell twisting his ankle and still won first, but most everything after that went downhill.

Some people were making jokes at his expense, he would be lying if he said some of them weren’t funny and he did let out an occasional chuckle, but others were assuming he would never be as good as his parents. There were a few comments about how this was an early end to his career, that he would never skate again and that he didn’t have the talent to continue, while others went as far as to say he’d never walk or show his face again. The comments weren’t the worst that he’d ever heard, being a semi public figure meant introducing the criticism of anyone with an opinion, and the goodwill sent his way was definitely in the majority, but Yuri found himself closing the laptop and pushing it aside to make more room for Makkachin to join him on the bed. If he wanted anything right now it was some unconditional love.

The two found themselves back in their regular position, Yuri on his side with Makkachin wrapped in his arms, for a few hours and almost dozed off to sleep. It was really the only thing left for him to do. The only thing that stopped him was the sound of the door creaking open and soft footsteps coming their way. Yuri was so close to sleep it took all of his energy to straighten up and face who it was and he softly lowered himself back down as he watched his father take a seat beside him on the bed.

Victor softly raised a hand to his hair and smoothed some of the runaway curls as he asked, “How are you feeling, Yurio? Do you feel sick?”

“Nope. I was just bored so I decided to take a nap,” Yuri complained hoping this meant he could finally leave.

Looking around the room and seeing the laptop thrown to the end of the bed, Victor asked, “Were you watching something? Did you find a new show?” He knew his son had been complained about even the internet being boring by now so it came as a surprise for him to find it on his bed.

Not wanting to have an uncomfortable conversation with his father about the comments he’d just seen, Yuri lied and answered, “I was just watching the same ones over again. I think I’ve memorized the lines by now.”

Moving the laptop to the desk to give them all more room and rubbing Makkachin’s head in welcome, Victor stood at the foot of the bed and said, “Well, for all your trouble I decided to get you a gift. I know how hard this has all been for you and I know how long you’ve wanted one of these so I decided this was a good a time as any.”

Yuri squinted his eyes in consideration before deciding this wouldn’t be one of Victor’s pranks and asked, “What is it? Can I see it right now?”

“Don’t you want to guess first?” Victor asked to give his son a hard time. “We don’t have go to it right away. I spent a lot of time tracking it down and I wouldn’t mind talking to you for a bit.”

Using the puppy face he’d perfected over the years, Yuri begged, “Please, Papa? I really want to see it and I’ve been so bored being here. Please can I see it? It would probably make me feel better. I’d love you forever.”

“You already love me,” Victor said smirking. Although he always knew he’d give into his son, Victor pretended to contemplate his options before saying, “Okay, you can see it right now.”

He moved out of the room with exaggerated stress while pretending not to notice Yuri staring at his back in anticipation. Even though the gift was sitting on the counter of the kitchen ready to be shown to Yuri, Victor took a few minutes to talk to his husband and keep his son wondering about what happened. It wasn’t like Yuri could run down the stairs and get upset.

After a quick exchange, Yuuri said, “You should probably head upstairs. He’s probably going to blow up if he doesn’t get his gift as soon as possible.”

Victor knew Yuuri was right and he peeked into the box one last time before asking, “Are you sure he’s going to like it?”

Laughing lightly, Yuuri promised, “If he isn’t over the moon then our son has been kidnapped and replaced by a look alike.”

Victor felt the box in his hand shift and carefully made his way back up the stairs until he was back in Yuri’s room. By now he was standing on the bed in anticipation while Makkachin perked up immediately at the new scent in the room. Victor motioned for the poodle to stay in bed and for Yuri to settled down before hurt himself again before softly setting the box down on the bed. He warned both of them, “You have to be careful, okay? This is very delicate and I will take it away from you if you hurt it. I promise.” After a quick nod from both of them, Victor motioned to Yuri and said, “Okay, son, go ahead and open the box.”

Yuri forwent any questions about why the box had an opening along the top and if it meant his gift was broken and instead held his breath as he slowly pulled the flaps away. He had taken his father’s warning to heart. As soon as he could make out the contents of the box Yuri let out an uncharacteristic yelp before slowly reaching in and lifting the small kitten giving him room to move around on the comforter. No one said anything for a few minutes as they watched him take furtive steps around the bed and investigate his new owners, Makkachin did take some liberties in smelling the kitten but was quickly warned against it after a few light taps from his paws, and the kitten finally decided to make his way to Yuri. Yuri seemed like the one most likely to give him his deserved attention and after being placed in a box for so long the kitten wasn’t too fond of Victor at the moment. For a few minutes no one did anything but watch as Yuri started playing with the cat trying to make sure he felt comfortable all the while appreciating the soft fur and occasional purrs.

Finally breaking the silence, Victor asked, “What do you think? Do you like it?”

“I love him,” Yuri in amazement as the feline starting licking one of his fingers. “Can I really keep him? Is he really mine?”

“Of course. He’s all yours, Yuri. Do you have a name picked out?” Victor asked curiously. He knew his son had been waiting for a cat for years and it wouldn’t surprise him to have a name he was particularly fond of.

“I had a few I was thinking about, but…” Yuri drew out the last word as he lifted the kitten to his face and realized, “They don’t really fit him.”

“What do you mean?” Victor asked perplexed.

“He reminds me of Yakov,” Yuri explained. “He has an angry face, especially when I lift him up, and I can imagine him yelling and shouting but he’s still very soft.”

“When have you heard Yakov yelling?” Victor asked with a chuckle. “You’re the only person I’ve never heard him be angry with.”

“I was talking about you, Papa,” Yuri said still in deep thought. In the end he decided, “I’m going to name him Mini Yakov. We can call him Mini too, but his full name is going to be Mini Yakov.” Finally looking away from the kitten to see his father, Yuri asked, “Do you like it?”

“I love it, Yurio.” Reaching over to show Yuri the perfect spot between the ears and the right about of pressure to use, Victor assured him, “I think Yakov will love it too. He’s always wanted to have something named after him.”

“Go get your phone,” Yuri practically ordered once he had the confirmation. “I want to show everyone Mini and see what they think.”

Happy to see his son light up after weeks of feeling down, Victor promised, “Anything you want, Yuri. Anything you want.”


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